New and gently-used books.  We especially need art, history, philosophy, non-fiction, and very good quality collectible books.  Please use sturdy, clean boxes for your donations.

When sorting through your books, you can ask yourself this question: would you like to receive the book you are donating? CFLC cannot use books in poor condition, such as:

  • Worn-out or damaged books
  • Books that smell (smoke, age, or mildew)
  • Books that are dirty, stained, or discolored
  • Books with notes, underlining, highlighting, or other markings
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Electronic media (CDs, tapes, etc.)

DONATION DAY AND TIME – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am – 2 pm only. Please call or complete the form below to make an appointment. Thank you!

Members of The Friends of Literacy, CFLC’s E-book sale committee.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Friends of Literacy Bookshop

The Friends of Literacy Bookshop is our platform to sell used books on Amazon.com, and proceeds from book sales support CFLC’s tutoring programs.  There is no requirement for library or bookstore experience to work with this team, and some training is required, and all volunteers must be at least 18 years old.  Most activities have a flexible schedule (however, order processing/shipping is time-based with defined deadlines).

Duties of this role include:
Book Transport – Volunteers load/unload books and pick these up from donors when necessary. The ability to lift and move heavy boxes is a requirement, and donating your time and vehicle for pick-ups is an optional add-on.

Sorting Book Donations – Volunteers sort books into two categories: good condition for possible sale and poor condition for disposal. Attention to detail is required. On-site at CFLC.

Scanning Books for Possible Sale – Volunteers use a phone app to look up books in the Amazon.com inventory to determine if these books are appropriate to sell. Books that cannot be sold are sorted into categories/genres for further donation. Attention to detail and organizational skills are required. On-site at CFLC.

Listing Books for Sale on Amazon.com – Books are priced and are added to our inventory for sale, with a detailed description of the condition. Attention to detail is required, knowledge of Amazon systems is preferred, and books must be moved to the storage unit on 17th Street after listing. Computer-based work; can be done off-site with travel to the storage unit.

Processing Sales and Shipping Orders – Volunteer checks daily orders, processes invoices and prints shipping labels (computer work), pick up books from the storage unit, packages the order, and drops off at USPS before closing time. Attention to detail, meeting deadlines, and organizational skills are required. On-site at CFLC during business hours or off-site (computer work) with required travel to the storage unit on 17th Street and post office.

To inquire about volunteering, please submit an email with the subject BOOKS VOLUNTEER to: info@cfliteracy.org.

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  • Optional. An estimate is fine.