Cape Fear Literacy Council’s mission is to provide personalized education so adults can transform their lives and contribute to a stronger community.  Additionally, we seek to:

  • Extend literacy development beyond reading and writing skills, recognizing that literacy parameters change as skill requirements change;
  • Provide individualized opportunities for adults to acquire and improve literacy skills;
  • Help break the cycle of illiteracy by taking an active role in family literacy development;
  • Create a public awareness that addressing literacy needs is the key to solving some of the most vexing local, state, and national problems; and
  • Provide leadership in attaining optimum cooperation among literacy providers.


We envision a community in which all adults have the literacy and language skills they need to succeed.


In 1970, the Wilmington Literacy Group was a volunteer mission project of the Wilmington Baptist Association. Over time, this grassroots outreach expanded to meet the needs of our community and in 1984 The Cape Fear Literacy Council was officially founded. It was run by volunteers and one VISTA worker, founding director Billie Granger. By 1985 the Cape Fear Literacy Council was officially chartered as an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

CFLC has recruited, trained, and certified more than 2,000 volunteer tutors. These tutors, in turn, have donated hundreds of thousands of hours to help thousands of adult learners throughout the Cape Fear region.