Meet Our Students


Meet Our Students

Cape Fear Literacy Council is very proud of our students and we enjoy highlighting their accomplishments as they make strides in their literacy goals.

Quotes from our students and tutors:

My friend said that there’s a shut-down coming up at [a local company] and asked me if I wanted to do some cleaning work for three weeks.  I went to the Safety Class this morning.  At the end, I had to take a 25 question test on the computer, and I got all but one right.  My tutor is going to be surprised – we were filling out job applications together and now here I have a job!”  ~ Karen, adult learner

“Larry has, for the first time ever, recently completed reading a non-fiction book in its entirety.  He is currently reading another book on his own time.  He also has learned to consistently “read in phrases,” rather than reading each word one-at-a-time.  He recognizes that many phrases are common (“by sight”) and repetitive, as well as used in everyday conversation.  It’s almost moot to time his reading progress, since he has improved so much, but I will do this again soon.” ~ John, tutor

“I read to my three year old for the first time this week.  I got one of your [free children’s] books and took it home and read to her.  She was thrilled to death!  Thank you.” ~ Kyle, adult learner

“I may be 37 years old and just getting my GED but I showed my daughters that if you work at something it will pay off.” ~Pat, adult learner

He is doing well and working very hard on homework.  He seems to be enjoying the material and likes to discuss the interesting facts at work.  These factual chapters are very good at both providing challenging reading and word usage lessons and also broadening his general knowledge (and mine).  We are having fun with it.” ~ Michelle, tutor


“When I came to the United States, I was a leafless, crooked tree. I was leafless for a long time. I needed some kind of help, but there was nobody to help me. I tried to watch TV programs, cowboy movies, soap operas, tried to understand everything that was going on. Then my two children grew old enough to watch TV. They watched Sesame Street every day. I learned my ABC’s from Sesame Street.

Eighteen years later I found a volunteer teacher from the Literacy Council. She takes care of me very well. Now my leaves grow very strong and green. Soon I am going to have red blossoms.

Thank you for my volunteer teacher, Shirley Morrow. We have become good friends. We are like sisters. This makes me more comfortable to study with her because I had problems with teachers when I was growing up. Also thank you for the Literacy Council. Without the Literacy Council I would be lost.”

~ Silva Beaty