Adult Literacy (AL)

Adult Literacy (AL)

Program Details

The Adult Literacy program at CFLC provides free and confidential instruction to English-speaking adults who are trying to improve their education and contribute to a stronger community.  Instruction is individualized and targeted to students’ personal goals and literacy needs.  We provide one-on-one instruction for reading, writing, math, and test preparation for the GED and Accuplacer.  We also offer supplemental classes for academic enrichment and specific skills.

Instruction schedules are flexible and based on student availability.  Most students work one-on-one with a tutor for an hour and a half twice per week.  CFLC provides adult-oriented research-based study materials free of charge.  Tutors are trained volunteers who participate in a specially designed Instructional Workshop to help adults reach their educational goals.


Students must be at least 18 (or 16 and older if they have officially dropped out of school)

Students must be willing and able to complete a nationally standardized test so staff can assign materials at the appropriate level and track progress.

Students must be committed to attending class at least 3 hours per week and studying at home.

Students must have a reliable phone or email account in order to stay in contact with their tutors.

CFLC does not provide transportation or in-home tutoring; students are responsible for their own transportation to tutoring sessions.

Enrollment Process

Prospective students must call 910-251-0911 to schedule an intake appointment with staff. The process usually takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

The student will need to provide some basic contact and registration information.

Students should be prepared to discuss their educational background and goals.

Students will take a standardized assessment to determine their current literacy and/or math levels.

Location and Hours of Operation:

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Contact Information:

Adult Literacy Program Director

Nancy Woolley

910-251-0911 ext. 101

Adult Literacy Program Assistant

Jodi Council

910-251-0911 ext. 103


What Our Students Say about Cape Fear Literacy Council

“I tell my pastor, I tell everyone at my church.  I’m proud to come to the Literacy Council.  It’s never too late, and I’m taking steps for my future.” ~ Cassandra, adult learner

“Ms. Peggy is such a good teacher!  I used to hate math but she really breaks it down.” ~ Gloria, adult learner

“You will never know what my teacher has done for me.  I know it’s going to take a while, but I am learning.  And it feels good.” ~ Louis, adult learner

“My son is in kindergarten and I don’t want him to struggle like me.  I want to finish school so I can be there for him.” ~  Allison, adult learner