Staff & Board


Executive Director, Yasmin Tomkinson

Director of Fund Development, Erin Payne

Financial Coordinator, Terri O'Sullivan

Coordinator of Communications and Development, Alesha Westbrook










Director of Adult Literacy, Nancy Woolley

Director of ESL, Lauren Rogers

Program Assistant, Jodi Council

Program Assistant, Shirley Horn








Board members work with the Cape Fear Literacy Staff to set the strategy for achieving our mission. Members support the organization in spirit and in action and display public support for the organization and its services. If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, please contact us!


2020 Board Of Directors

Kelly Sechrist, President

James “Jim” Snow, Secretary

William “Bill” Sewell, Treasurer

Charles “Chuck” Rogalski, Assistant Treasurer

Michealle Gady

Blair Kutrow

Rachel Pace

Marlon Ramos

Geneva Reid

Caroline Scorza

Anne Stokley

Joshua Tucker

Alexandra Umstead-Wrenn

Danielle Saintard Valiente

Daniela Williams