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Home Eclectic

Nini Rogan’s film & art enclave


For NINI ROGAN and her husband, CHUNKY HUSE, their Porters Neck home is an open place for friends, and when they entertain they use the whole house.

But the upstairs screening room is a place to get away for the two veterans of the film industry — “pure escapism,” Rogan says.

In it are titles from the more than 100 films Huse has worked on. A grip, Huse brought his lighting and rigging skills to Wilmington in 1985 as Dino De Laurentiis’ new film studio in the Port City was getting established. He opened his own company, Gypsy Grips Inc., in the mid-90s.

The screening room also holds movies that Rogan, a script supervisor whose lengthy credits include The Crow and The Thomas Crown Affair, worked on as well as hundreds of other flicks the couple enjoy.

Besides a getaway and library of their work, they also used the space to judge film festival entries.

“It’s great fun because we’ve actually screened contestants videos,” Rogan says.

The plates were gifts from former productions Huse worked on, she says. Revenge of the Jedi was the initial working title for the Star Wars installment Return of the Jedi.

“A lot of times on movies people will give each other things,” Rogan says about crew gifts, adding that more often it’s items like T-shirts and baseball hats. “They used to be a whole lot more inventive.”

Rogan, who describes herself as semi-retired from the movie industry and possibly soon-to-be retired because of the state’s recent change in its film incentives package, says her other workspace is her home office.

There she focuses on work for the Cape Fear Literacy Council nonprofit.

“I’ve been a board member for years,” she says. “That’s my love.”

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