UNCW Athletics: Men’s Tennis Team Promotes Literacy in CFLC Spelling Bee

Men’s Tennis Team Promotes Literacy in CFLC Spelling Bee

The United Nations

WILMINGTON, North Carolina – Chances are the three members of the UNCW men’s tennis team who competed in Thursday night’s Cape Fear Literacy Council Spelling Bee have been on many dance floors in their days. So, ironically, it was a dance move that ended their night in the annual competition at the Pine Valley Methodist Church Activity Center.

Sam Williams Taylor Cramer and Andres Torres incorrectly spelled “glissade” in the opening round, narrowly missing out on advancing in the 27th annual event. The trio submitted “glassade” as their entry, misplacing one letter in the tricky word that means a gliding dance step.

The Seahawks weren’t the only ones eliminated in the first round, though.  Si Cantwell, one of the hosts, described the early going as “brutal,” with eight of the 15 competing teams failing to reach round two.

Competing under the team name “United Nations,” the three players were sponsored by longtime UNCW supporter Wayne Jackson. It marked the 11th year Jackson has sponsored a team in memory of his late wife, Lee.

“I thought they did well,” Jackson said. “There were a lot of teams that went out early. It was good to have them here representing UNCW.”

The event was a fund-raiser to help CFLC assist the more than 60,000 people in the Cape Fear Region who CFLC Board Member and Spelling Bee chair Amanda Coyne said “live in a world where numbers and words are a struggle.”

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t make it past the first round,” said Williams. “Our first word tripped us up, but we only missed it by one letter. It’s a great event and a great cause. Tonight has opened my eyes to the problem that’s out there. The struggled that I’ve had with these words has made me aware of what people are going through and what an important cause it is.”

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