Readers Roast Available October 1st – 31st

Cape Fear Literacy Council is teaming up once again with GO COFFEE STORE to bring you our exclusive coffee blend, Readers Roast. Available in 2-oz travel bags in Medium Roast and 12-oz bags of 6 different blends in either whole bean or ground coffee. Readers Roast will be on sale October 1-31st. We are sorry, but do to an unforeseen production glitch, K-Cups will not be available this season. For more information and to order, contact Terry O’Sullivan at 910-251-0911 or

Coffee connoisseur or not, these descriptions may help you decide which Readers Roast coffees to buy. Read on and then zero in on which cup of Joe will ignite the taste buds of your coffee-loving friends, family, and colleagues. Go ahead, choose your favorite blend and start your day off on the right foot.

Medium Roast WOW! A super-fresh, retro diner blend that makes a cup everyone will love. Sweet caramel flavors surrounded by a creamy body with peppy acidity, the perfect way to kick off your day. You cannot go wrong bringing these wonderful flavors to the family reunion or any other gathering a true crowd-pleaser.

Dark Roast This coffee is most popular for drip brewing and makes a fine espresso as well. Beans from South America deliver body that is neither too heavy nor too light, and the chocolaty sweetness binds the coffee nicely. This is the choice for you if you desire a more robust cup than medium roast provides.

Decaf Roast is a perfect balance of lively notes and creamy body, all the flavor of a medium roast without the caffeine.

Organic Fair Trade USDA Certified Organic and TransFair Certified is a nicely spiced coffee with a light to medium body that leans toward the high notes, but has a little base in its soul. Subtle sweet notes are offset by delicate cinnamon flavors. This milk chocolate flavor and smooth body are perfectly balanced for a truly satisfying cup of coffee.

Hazelnut The humble hazelnut is rapidly becoming a favorite of coffee drinkers. The nut itself is especially prized in Turkey, where coffee has been a mainstay since the 16th century. It’s only natural that the Turks would combine the two and discover one of the greatest flavors ever. We combine medium roasted Latin coffees with toasty hazelnut flavor to create a smooth, buttery-sweet coffee with very strong nutty aromas and flavors.