Math Gave Me Migraines

When he first came to CFLC, Mookie tested at about a 4.6 grade level in math. Four months later, he tested at a 12.9 grade level ? topping out of our tests. This unprecedented gain is due to an effective student-tutor partnership, as well as Mookie’s intelligence and extraordinary determination.

In Mookie’s Own Words:

“I came to CFLC because I had lost faith in the traditional GED system. I felt like I was slipping between the cracks. I had a vendetta against math. I was very frustrated. But I want to be more productive in life, set a better example for my kids.


I was able to learn math because of Ms. Brenda. She gave me extra confidence and self-assurance. She taught me to be patient and not be too hard on myself. She also let me know I can’t give up without a fight.


I’ve been out of school since the 7th grade. This is not the first time I’ve tried to overcome my academic obstacles. My lack of schooling made me feel like I couldn’t be anything. But Ms. Brenda connected with me. She gained my trust and I gained hers. It was important to me that someone from a totally opposite world is able to have an open mind about you. I never felt judged or stereotyped. We learn from each other.


I go out of my way to do math homework on my own. Now, I’m able to help my kids with their school work. That’s important.


Had it not been for her, I wouldn’t have voted. I never voted before. She was adamant about it. She helped me register. I stood in line for 3-4 hours. Me and my wife went and we had a great day. …For the first time I voted — like a productive citizen.


Since I’ve been coming to the Literacy Council, my goals have transformed and elevated. My short-term goal is to learn a trade to take care of my family. Then I’ll get my Associate’s degree. Some day, I would like to be a journalist or make movies. Those are goals I didn’t have before I came here.


The thing that sets the Literacy Council apart from anyone else is the genuine concern they feel for each individual.”